Relax and leave your event’s WiFi to the experts


Bad WiFi can sink a keynote speech, cripple an exhibitor demo, or disrupt viral social media marketing - causing significant damage to an event’s reputation.

MaxxConnect WiFi rental makes it fast, simple, and reliable to get your guests online. 


Fast + Reliable WiFi

Guests get guaranteed wireless coverage & speed while moving freely indoors & outdoors. Powered by UltraFi, we provide enterprise-class equipment and manage everything remotely to ensure your event is a success.

Secure Internet Access

Have separate staff & attendee WiFi networks, control who can use the WiFi, set time limits, and limit how much bandwidth each guest can use. 

We Do It All

Everything is included to get your guests connected, including enterprise-class equipment, configuration, and remote tech support from our expert network engineers. All you have to do is plug in and relax.


How It Works


 Fill out and return this questionnaire to tell us a little about your event. We will send you a quote and schedule a free phone consultation to go over the details. 

We configure and ship you the UltraFi equipment. Your onsite tech will follow our included Quick Start guide to plug the equipment into the venue's data network drop and electrical power and run the provided cables to the desired access point locations. Our network engineers manage everything remotely to ensure top performance and security (internet access is required). Our Help Desk is available for remote assistance if you need us.

Relax and enjoy the stress-free WiFi. When your event is over, simply ship the equipment back in the shipping boxes they came in. Simple!



Don't worry if you don't speak geek, we'll give you the right questions to ask your venue's IT department.

  • We provide WiFi (technically WLAN), which is not the same as internet (WAN) or wired network (LAN). Your venue will be responsible for guaranteeing sufficient WAN and LAN network specifications to accommodate your needs. Slow or no internet, insufficient IP addresses, and network security is the responsibility of the venue's IT department, not us. If the specified # of wireless devices in the desired locations can connect to the WiFi and access a local IP address, we have done our job.
  • You'll need to have wired data network drops that are on the same network subnet everywhere you have an UltraFi switch or single access point. Our engineers will help you figure this out.
  • You'll want your venue to guarantee that they are able to provide sufficient internet bandwidth for your needs.
  • You'll need to provide us with an IP address range that accommodates the max # of network connected devices you anticipate. We'll also need to know the subnet mask and gateway IP address.
  • Email us a floor plan with square footage listed for every room/area you need WiFi coverage so we can make sure you get the coverage you need.

Get Started

Fill out the questionnaire below to tell us a little about your event. We'll get in touch after we receive it.


+ Can this work anywhere in the USA?

Yes! MaxxConnect is totally cloud-powered, which means that we can manage it anywhere in the world that has a connection to the internet.