Make more money with smarter Wi-Fi


Your patrons get great Wi-Fi.
You get their information.

UltraFi smart Wi-Fi service is the easiest way to grow your loyalty program and reach and engage more of your best customers - the ones you already have!

Turn Wi-Fi into a money-maker for your business today.


Smart Wi-Fi is smart business


Smarter Wi-Fi = Smarter Marketing

Here's how it works:

Offer your patrons fast & secure Wi-Fi

Everything you need for great Wi-Fi is included

Patrons log in with their information

Customers log in to your custom branded splash page with their email, phone number, name, birthday or any other information you request

Patrons are added to your loyalty program

Customer data effortlessly syncs with your loyalty program's marketing database

Connect with direct marketing

Engage customers with automated marketing campaigns:

  • send an immediate "Welcome" email with an up-sell offer
  • after 24 hours send a "Review Us" email with a return visit offer
  • increase online reviews and social media followers
  • gather birthday data for an annual offer 
  • the possibilities are endless!

Smart starts here

Advanced Marketing Tools

Connect & communicate with your customers

  • Simple login process with social account, email, voucher, password and more
  • Customizable splash page highlights your brand
  • Increase your social reach - gain followers, checkins, and reviews
  • Interact with customers immediately
  • Grow your marketing database and export emails to your CRM
  • Automatically email your customers with a welcome message, loyalty offer, announcement and more
  • Display marketing messages, advertising, sponsors and more on your customizable landing page
  • Save marketing costs by utilizing social media word-of-mouth marketing
  • Make money by selling faster speed, hour/day pass vouchers, ads, sponsors and more

Safe & Secure

Relax! Your business is protected

  • Internet filtering blocks inappropriate content
  • Legally compliant
  • Separate Staff, Point of Sale and Guest Wi-Fi
  • Control user speed, data usage, time and time of day limits

Customer Insights

Better understand your audience

  • Get to know your best customers - the ones in your venue!
  • Monitor and actively promote your business in real time
  • Discover your customers' email, location, age, gender, social media profile and more
  • Analyze traffic patterns and identify your ideal customer profiles
  • Save time and money by eliminating manual data collection methods

Location Analytics

Maximize your venue's potential

  • Wi-Fi analytics captures an unprecedented level of customer behavior
  • Capture accurate footfall, dwell time, and traffic pattern data across your stores in real-time
  • Automatically send marketing messages to customers' mobile devices in real time based on venue location, dwell time, visit frequency, and more
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by analyzing venue traffic and customer data over time

Maximum Peace Of Mind

We keep your Wi-Fi working

  • All-inclusive service
  • Business-class equipment includes lifetime warranty
  • 24/7 Wi-Fi health monitoring
  • Proactive security updates
  • Continuous maintenance
  • Nationwide availability is perfect for multi-site locations and brands

Simple Monthly Pricing

No risk. All reward.

Pay only for the results you get. Price is per Spark (new loyalty signup) per month. Repeat Wi-Fi users are free! 


It's safe, fast and easy to get started.

Connect, engage & analyze your customers with UltraFi


+ How do I get started?

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