unify™ Managed Network Systems & MTG Professional Services are available directly to our partners. Many Electronic Systems Contractors have experienced the value and profitability of outsourcing their network engineering and IT support, allowing them to better serve their customers' needs while saving the expense of keeping highly trained IT engineers on staff. Our systems can be installed by any level technician - no advanced networking knowledge is needed. Sound good? Get in touch!




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Interested in learning more? Need a quote for an upcoming project? Get in touch and we'll send you a complete partner information kit. Approved partners can take advantage of a special demo offer to try out a system with absolutely no obligation. If you don't love it, simply send it back. No hard feelings, we promise.

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Our unify™ network systems are fully-engineered, high-performance, managed networks that come burned-in, pre-configured with your project's custom settings, and ready to take out of the box and install - no advanced networking knowledge is needed.

Network System features include: 

  • 24/7/365 monitoring of core network equipment and any number of monitored devices, including control system processors, touch panels, IP cameras, DVR/NVRs, NAS, POS terminals, and more
  • Automatic email alerts to your support staff when there is an issue with any monitored network device
  • Self-healing internet connection and core network equipment with auto-reboot and remote power cycling via web browser
  • Professional remote IT support available to get any network-connected device up and running, not just ours
  • Sophisticated and secure features implemented according to commercial IT best practices - VLANs, subnets, QOS, VPN, up to 4 SSIDs, secure guest network, client isolation, Spanning Tree Protocol, DDNS, and more. Not sure what all that means? You don't have to! That's what we're here for. 

Benefits to your company include: 

Be a hero to your customers!

There is no other pre-configured self-healing managed network system with 24/7 monitoring available at any price. Your customers will absolutely love the enhanced peace of mind.

Make more money!

You are free to set your own margins while providing an outstanding value to your customer. Customers who know you are proactively monitoring and maintaining their systems will stay engaged with your company.

Instantly boost your company's profitability

through recurring revenue just by becoming a partner! A Client Care Plan with annual auto-renewal is included with every system. 

Eliminate network frustrations

that cost you unbillable support hours and truck rolls. With a monitored network, you'll get email alerts immediately anytime there is a network issue so you can pinpoint the faulty piece of equipment right away instead of guessing and possibly replacing good equipment. 

Monitored networks provide revenue-generating opportunities

to proactively replace flaky equipment before they totally die, preventing downtime and unhappy customers. 

Eliminate the cost and hassle

of DOA equipment. All of our systems are fully burned-in and go through a rigorous testing process at our facility before shipping to you so you can be confident it will work the first time.