Who are you guys? 

  • We're a diverse crew that has one thing in common - a passion for harnessing technology to help people be better. And really awesome coffee. Collectively, our team includes ex- ultra high-end audio video systems integrators, technology consultants to the Nashville stars, professional musicians, pro audio & recording studio engineers, control systems programmers, enterprise network engineers and IT support staff. We have experienced for ourselves how managed services is the absolute best way to provide the service our clients need and expect from us, and that's all we do. We know your pain because we've been there, literally. We knew there had to be a better solution and when we couldn't find it, we built it ourselves.

The simplicity of getting everything included for one monthly rate is blowing my mind. How is this possible?

  • It takes a 180 degree shift in thinking, but you'll quickly see the huge benefits. Right now, you probably only get paid on a new install or when something breaks. Since you do a good job and use good equipment, that rarely happens. Plus your customer has the headache of paying upfront for expensive equipment that is quickly obsolete and is at risk for a big unknown bill for future service. With unify™, you get paid for proactively making sure nothing goes wrong. If something does, it's on us, not you. And your customer knows there will never be the surprise of unexpected expenses to look forward to.

Do I need to be a networking expert to set up a unify™ network system? 

  • Of course not! That's what we are here for. Our unify™ network systems come pre-configured with your project's custom settings. Installation is as easy as taking it out of the box, plugging into your ISP modem/gateway, and you're up and running. Need help setting up your other network devices properly? No problem! Every partner has access to priority support from our Support Team to assist with properly configuring ANY device on the network, not just ours.

How do I know what I need for my project?

  • Simply give us a call. Network consulting, design, and engineering services from our Design Team are available to our partners at no charge to ensure you are set up for success on every project.

What are the details about POE? 

  • The Ubiquiti access point POE is not the same as the 802.11f POE standard. You will need to use the included POE injectors or you can order POE adapters from us that are 802.11f compliant when you order your system.
  • Please let the Design Team know upfront if you require POE or POE+ switches. Some of these can get pretty loud so plan your installation location accordingly.

Can I reconfigure the network equipment myself? 

  • The short answer We have found that high-performance, mission-critical networks are best left in the hands of experts. Our partners work with us because they know it makes good business sense to outsource what they are not experts in so they can maximize the business they are experts in. When a network adjustment needs to be made, simply give us a call and our Support Team will handle it for you.

I need some help with my unify™ system.  What should I do?

  • Visit our Help Center at Our Support Team is standing by, waiting for that red bat phone to ring. Don't let them down.

I still have some additional questions. How can I find out more information? 

  • Simply call us at 615-873-0387 anytime 9am to 5pm CST M-F or connect with us online. We're looking forward to it.