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Mobile devices are a boon for your business. Mostly. Forgetful employees and nimble-fingered thieves can add up to lost data -- and thousands of dollars in replacement costs. MobileShield -- the cloud-based device protection and recovery solution -- can set these worries aside. Track lost or stolen laptops, tablets and smartphones. Wipe data and remotely lock your devices. Effortlessly.

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More than one in three users of mobile devices worldwide has had a device lost or stolen.
— Symantec

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Eliminate that sinking feeling when your mobile device goes missing. Protect your assets without compromising productivity or privacy for your employees. Simply log in to your online account to view a map of your devices and see details like battery life, installed apps, and more.


Whenever your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop goes missing -- whether lost or stolen -- just let us know. By simply activating Lost mode, we can display a message on the device's screen, sound an alarm, or remotely lock the device. If desired, we can even erase the device to safeguard sensitive company and client data. 


When Lost mode is activated and the device connects to WiFi, you'll get emails with a photo of the thief and a map of the device's location. This can be used to help authorities get your device back. Gotcha!
    * currently in beta



When your data is unprotected, bad things can happen. MobileShield can fully lock down your devices and delete your stored passwords to ensure that no one will have access to your private stuff. 


MobileShield is meant to foil bad guys, not snoop on innocent employees. Workers who fret over internal surveillance are neither happy nor productive. The webcam function stays disabled until Lost mode is activated. Simple, secure, and private.


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+ Doesn't my device do this already?

Well, not really. For example, Apple devices have a "Find My iPhone" feature that is tied to your personal Apple ID. This is bad for two reasons. First, you don't want to give control over the device to an employee's Apple ID. Second, all a bad guy has to do is sign out of the Apple ID on the device and POOF! it can't be located. MobileShield is truely an enterprise-class security solution. It is not tied to a personal ID and can't be signed out of, which is the security that businesses require.