Imagine what you will achieve when we take technology concerns completely off the table. 100% proactive peace of mind for your computers, devices, and networks. We manage it all. Zero headaches for you. Let's get started.

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Everybody wants technology to just work. Our scalable solutions make that possible for your business whether solo, growing or global. Our Partner Program rewards you for bringing that simplicity to your customers. Effortlessly.

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Our cloud-powered solutions power your business without limits. Collaborate world wide. Trust the 24/7 security & reliability. Work from any device, anytime, anywhere. The future is now & we'll get you there.

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Let us worry about your IT

24/7 Productivity + Zero Headaches = #MTG FTW

Instead of waiting for it to break, let us proactively manage the technology that enables your company to exceed client and business demands. Keeping your business running is our responsibility, not yours - and that just makes sense.

IT as simple as good, better, best, done.


Our passion is your peace of mind.


 Mastermind Technology Group exists to protect & boost your business. We're different because we care about you. Each of our Managed by Mastermind® solutions has real humans proactively monitoring the pulse of your business. Join us and make 100% peace of mind your new normal.

Talk with a real human at 1-800-880-0751 or connect online.


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Earn recurring revenue for life by offering your customers the peace of mind included in every one of our Managed by Mastermind® solutions with absolutely no effort required. Ever.