Leveraging technology to boost your business is what we do best.


We believe that every size company needs the insight & vision a Chief Information Officer delivers. With our vCIO consulting services, we bring that intellectual capital within reach of every size business. 


Often, we are engaged by a client to provide assistance that falls outside of standard “support." Some of these types of engagements include:

  • Objective advice and recommendations on technology initiatives

  • Specialized support for non-standard software and systems

  • Temporary staffing during an internal project

  • Project scoping and planning

  • Design and implementation of projects

  • Project management

As we deal with a variety of clients in regards to industries, sizes and technologies, we are able to quickly and effectively “jump in” to a situation and provide the necessary assistance. Typically these services are charged on an hourly basis with an up-front estimate. 

Even if you have a full IT staff of your own, MTG is an ideal resource to bring into your environment when you are faced with a new technology to implement.