Use an iPad cash register to bring your business into the 21st century

We live to help businesses do what they do better and more profitably. It is a no-brainer when the right solution is amazingly easy to use, reliable, boosts your customers' experience, and saves money all at the same time. 

iPad as the new cash register

iPad as the new cash register

Introducing Square ( We have worked with several businesses to set up Square on an iPad so they can use it as a super-hip cash register. It can even print to a wireless receipt printer and works with a wireless cash drawer (check that out on their site here).

Think this is just for small businesses? Think again! Here's what Urban Outfitters CIO Calvin Hollinger had to say about replacing all the chain's cash registers with iPads (read the rest of the article here.)

Two or three weeks ago, we placed our very last register order... once we make sure this ipad works.. all stores will be equipped with iPod touches and iPads.
— Urban Outfitters CIO Calvin Hollinger

Benefits? How about this for starters:

  • 1/5th the cost of a normal cash register
  • customer can put in personal information (email for a receipt, etc.)
  • WOW factor - makes your business stand out

Going paperless is big for me and I appreciate the option to email receipts to save me the hassle of scanning them later.

Since the iPad works via Wifi, you will need a solid and reliable wireless network in place. Connect with us at and let us know how we can help get your business into the 21st century.