Tips for simple and secure passwords

Raise your hand if you get frustrated when your "smart device" is smarter than you are. Raise your hand if you have been frustrated by a password in the last day or week. There is hope for you! Read on.

OH NO! Bad Password Practices


  • 64% of end users report that they have written down their password at least once
  • 65% of workers use the same password for different applications or services (2003)
  • 70% of people do not use a unique password for each Web site
  • A third of Internet users have shared their log-in information with their partner
  • A third of users share their password with others and have done so in the last month
  • Forgetfulness forces most users to request a password or PIN reset
  • Writing passwords on your monitor, under your keyboard, or on paper in your desk drawer

To solve password pain, we recommend using a secure password management solution. An enterprise password solution enhances security with secure sharing of passwords among your team, including contractors, with the ability to control who sees which passwords. We can help you pick the right fit solution for your business. Call us at 615-873-0387 or visit us online.