Play Pandora in your business, save $400, and don't go to jail

We've worked with more than a few clients recently that have amazing tastes in music and have really crafted some ear-catching Pandora stations they play inside their business. Something all you business owners should know, especially here in Music City, is that if you are not paying music licensing fees (typically around $700 or more) to the PRO organizations, you are breaking the law and could face stiff penalties. Yikes!

Pandora has a great solution for businesses that consists of a $99 box and $25/month service subscription that keeps everything legal and could save you $400 or more each year! Here's the link for more information. 

The music player will need a wired connection to the internet. If we can help your business save money by getting this music system up and running, get in touch with us at We're full of ideas on how to leverage technology to cut costs, get more business, and boost profitability and we want to bring that to your business. Give us a call at 615-873-0387 for a complimentary phone consultation. The question is, can your business afford not to work with us?