Must-have apps & tips for getting work done on mobile devices

Cloud-powered productivity means you can get work done wherever you are on whatever device you have with you. Sounds pretty great, right? It is, and we'll help you get there - read on and for our favorite apps and tips.

  1. Portable Bluetooth keyboard - our favorite is the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. Available to fit most every model of iPad and comes in black or white. This is the magic that makes typing long emails and docs tolerable and even enjoyable on the iPad.
  2. - This app works on pretty much every platform that normal people use - web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android - and automatically syncs notes and notebooks between all your devices. (Use this referral link to get a free bonus when you sign up).
  3. - Imagine effortless, automatic syncing of files between all your devices. Welcome to the wonder of Dropbox! Very easy to use and very reliable. For businesses, you'll want the additional security and management features that come built in to other file sharing solutions we'll talk about with you during your technology consultation. (Use this referral link to get a free bonus when you sign up).

We're passionate about harnessing technology to live and work better and constantly trying out new tools, so check back for follow up posts. If we can help your business work smarter, not harder, get in touch at 615-873-0387 or online.