How insecure is your business?

Data breaches and hacking incidents are at an all-time high. How can this be the case? The answer is depends not only on who you ask, but also on the size of the business.

For large enterprises, the unfortunate answer is that despite your enormous investment in security software and processes, no system is completely safe from hacking. Just ask Adobe, which is now dealing with the reported theft of 38 million customer accounts.

For small businesses, the unfortunate is answer is that many are so are oblivious to security threats, they haven’t actually adopted any of the secure solutions we alluded to above. What do they have instead? What precautions have they taken to protect the files they store, send and share? All too often, the answer is “nothing yet.”

This indifference to security on the part of small businesses was recently highlighted in a study conducted by McAfee. If you have the chance, read the full report, but here were a few highlights particularly relevant to MSPs:

  • Only 9 percent of SMBs use endpoint/mobile device security
  • 80 percent don’t use data protection
  • Less than 50 percent use email security
  • About half use Internet security
  • 45 percent of SMBs do not secure company data on employees’ personal devices
  • 14 percent of SMBs haven’t implemented any security measures

The startling conclusion to be drawn from this: Most SMBs won’t even know if they’ve been hacked. Yikes.

When you read the headlines about hacking and data breaches, the victim is always a mega-corporation or government agency; it’s never about a small business. Naturally, this has given SMBs a false sense of security. Who would ever target us? Why would anyone want to steal our data?

When we consult with a business to design a technology plan, we ask questions like these:

  • Has your business ever had sensitive data lost or stolen?
  • Would you know if a sensitive file fell into the wrong hands?
  • What would be your protocol if this happened?
  • How is data managed on an employee’s personal device?

If the answer to any of those questions is “not sure”, then we need to talk! Get in touch to secure your business today.