Internet of Things: beware of your devices!

Welcome to the new age of connected home appliances. Remote controlled lights, door locks, refrigerators and more are here and are a huge threat.

These Internet of Things (IoT) devices bring convenience at a cost - most pose major security threats to your network. For example, some vulnerable Trane ComfortLink II internet-connected thermostats have potentially allowed bad guys into your computer network for the past few years. 

"Cisco researchers found that the ComfortLink devices allow attackers to gain remote access and also use these devices as a jumping off point to access the rest of a user’s network. Trane has not yet responded to requests for comment."

"The two other bugs Cisco reported to Trane would allow attackers to install their own malicious software on vulnerable Trane devices, and use those systems to maintain a persistent presence on the victim’s local network."

Seriously? This sounds like science fiction! But unfortunately it is simply the growing pains of the latest technology trend toward Wi-Fi enabled gadgets that are really mini computers and all the vulnerabilities that come along with that. IoT responsibly!