Gmail will now warn you if your contacts don't use encrypted email

The folks at Google are helping us out again. Gmail's new feature is a unique upgrade to the message inbox.  

From Ars Technica:

"The alterations are fairly subtle: when you receive a message from, or are on the brink of sending a message to, someone using a service that doesn’t support encryption, you’ll see a broken lock in the top-right of the screen. Clicking on the icon will bring up a pop-up alert with an explanation and a warning to perhaps consider removing the offending recipient."

Also, Gmail will now notify you if a message is from a suspicious, unauthenticated email address: By replacing the message sender's profile photo with a question mark. 

There are thousands of spam and phishing emails circulating the web, and they appear very authentic.  Google is making our daily mailboxes safer, and, most importantly, we don't have to learn any new tricks to take advantage of these two new features.