If you think smart technology has to be complicated and unreliable,
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Mastermind Technology Group is a technology architecture firm passionate about helping businesses cut energy costs up to 80% with amazingly smart & secure building technology solutions.

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Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, our team is comprised of designers, engineers, and creatives who understand the technologies that are best suited for today's demanding business environments. We've done some pretty cool stuff for some pretty high-profile clients you've definitely heard of, and we'd like to work our magic for you. Oh yeah, and we have fun doing it. Nobody told us that geeks had to be boring.



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I coach elite clients to work smarter, not harderbe more productive, profitable & secure without the digital drama through custom-tailored technology consulting.

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Joe Patterson - Director of Operations
“Helping businesses achieve greater success through smarter technology.”

Engineering cutting-edge solutions to maximize business objectives is Joe’s specialty. With over 15 years of deep experience in the technology sector, he has done everything from IT networking to project management for small business to Fortune 500 clients.